Sunday, February 6, 2011

Welcome to Mirotic Korea!

Mirotic Korea is my way of sharing my passion for the many genres of modern Korean music that I love, everything from hip-hop to pop to R&B and beyond. I will be introducing the many different modern South Korean artists and bands, their music and other information. I hope to not only post music reviews, news, lyrics and biographies, but also interviews and more from the different entertainment companies and artists.

The name for Mirotic was inspired by a song from a Korean boy band quintet called TVXQ, formed in 2003 in South Korea by SM Entertainment. They are a cappella, dance, pop and R&B band, popular all over Asia for not only their catchy pop music, but also their style and prowess as dancers and singers.

Mirotic was released on September 26, 2008 and is TVXQ's fourth South Korean award winning studio album. The word 'mirotic' is a combination of the Korean word MIRO (미로), meaning "maze" and the English suffix "-tic". The newly coined term was created by Hero Jaejoong, singer-songwriter and composer of TVXQ and means 'forever trapped in a maze, a feeling of being wrapped in love with no way out'.

I chose this word because it reflects how really good music can evoke your emotions and hold you captive with its rhythm and lyrics.

While reading through this blog in the future, I hope you will find something you like and find S. Korea's modern style music as mirotic as I do!

And now, I leave you with Mirotic by TVXQ.

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